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About The Original Strength Shoes

For 30 years, our plyometric Strength Shoes have helped countless athletes achieve remarkable results. Targeting your calf muscles, proper training with Strength Shoes can add 5-10 inches to your vertical jump, while dramatically increasing your speed, power, explosion and coordination. Our current model is the lightest ever.
Each pair comes with a training DVD, laminated training card, and stretch strap for pre/post workout stretching.

What’s the difference between the black & gray Strength Shoe and the black & red Strength Shoe?

The new and improved black and silver Strength Shoes are drastically lighter than any of the models we’ve manufacture over the last 30 years. The black and silver shoe also features a new thicker platform for more stability. We’ve changed the material to allow for increased foot breathability. We moved the support strap from the ankle to the top of the foot allowing for added support.

The black and gray model runs 1/2 size larger than a traditional training shoe. If you wear a size 10 in you regular shoe, we would recommend you order a 9.5 in the black and gray Strength Shoe.

How Strength Shoes Help You Jump Higher & Get Stronger

How Strength Shoes Help You Jump Higher and Get Stronger

Did you know that, when you wear regular athletic shoes, about 70% of your weight lands on your heels? Changing the distribution of your body weight during training is the key to the unique design of our shoes. By eliminating the heel, our strength training shoes force you to stand on the balls of your feet, fully engaging your calves.

The front half of the shoe’s footprint is enlarged for support, balance, and shock absorption. This allows you to work your calves and Achilles tendons without risking injury to your ankles or knees. As you run, lift, jump, and move throughout your workout, your heels will dip below your toes, stretching the calves and forcing them to engage.

Wearing these shoes when you’re training can increase your jump height by between 5 and 10 inches. They can make you faster, too. Wearing them could shave up to 2/10ths of your 40-yard dash without any additional speed training when you run. That may not sound like a lot, but when you look at what it translates into on longer distances, you’d be taking over 8 seconds off of your mile and over 27 seconds off of your 5K time. That’s a significant amount of time for anyone training for a new personal record.

These aren’t just marketing statements. For 30 years, athletes all over the world continue to verify these results when they use the Strength Shoes to impress high school and college coaches and recruiters with improved speed, strength and quickness. In fact, a study by doctors at the AMAA showed that athletes training with the Strength Shoes revealed a significant improvement in power, vertical jump and 40 yard dash times.

For more than 30 years, the basic philosophy behind these shoes has been proven again and again to work wonders for the athletes who commit to training with them. Don’t get left behind by competition for your playing time – get stronger, run quicker and jump higher with the Strength Shoes.